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Solar Panel Tracker System

As you know, the sun moves across the sky however bright or cloudy the day. Plants have been onto this since forever and instinctively swing their heads towards this arc, thus maximizing their exposure to the light for photosynthesis (this movement is actually called ‘Heliotropism’ and it’s our Word of the Year in the Brite Energy office).

A Solar Panel Sun Tracker automatically moves your panels to follow the sun in a similar way so they absorb more sunlight than if they were static and so generate maximum energy.

Even when the sun is only 10° above the horizon, the available energy can be around half the noon-time energy levels (or even less depending on latitude, season, and atmospheric conditions). So we make sure your tracking system is set up to collect solar energy for as long as possible each day by aligning them to the sun’s position, even as it shifts with the seasons.

The sun travels through 360 degrees east to west every day. But from the perspective of any fixed location, the visible portion is 180 degrees during an average 1/2 day period (more in spring and summer, less in fall and winter). Local horizon effects reduce this a little, making the effective motion about 150 degrees. Ground mounted fixed solar panels can lose around 75% of the energy available in the morning and evening, but allowing the panels to track the sun helps recapture those losses.

Automatic Tracking
Different states experience different levels – and angles – of sunlight. We program this information in to your tracking system so wherever you live, your solar panels are always working as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Did you know…
…that sunlight is made up of two distinct elements? The ‘direct beam’ that carries about 90% of the solar energy, and the ‘diffuse sunlight’ that carries the remainder.

If you have any questions regarding our solar panel tracker systems, email your Brite Customer Service Team now. We will get back to you as soon as possible to talk through your queries.

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