Your Frequently Asked Questions

Are you the best deal in town?

Solar energy pricing is based on your Power Purchase Agreement and is pretty consistently priced across the market. There are hundreds of ‘solar companies’ out there but many are actually sales organizations which then sell your contract to a larger company. Since Brite Energy is among the few companies that finances, installs, services, and monitors your solar energy system in-house, we are consistently among the best priced.

Will the solar panels make my roof leak?
No, they won’t. Our warranty on workmanship extends to the areas affected by the panels, as well as the solar panels themselves. If anything ever does happen, we will put it right and you won’t pay a cent.

A 20-year contract? Why so long?
Our 20-year agreement serves several purposes. One is to act as a long-term hedge against variable energy rates (so you never get any unexpected energy price hikes). The other is to allow us to put the system on your home for little or zero down. The cost of the system is then automatically repaid over an extended period through the energy generated.

You really think this system will still work in 20 years?
In fact, we guarantee that your system will still be working efficiently in 20 years. And in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we’ll be right out to fix or replace it, most of the time at no cost to you.

If the power company will buy back the extra power produced by solar, why wouldn’t I want a huge system on my house?
Unfortunately, most states do not pay for the overage at the end of the year. Therefore, we try to get you as close as possible to 100% of solar power without over producing.

How long does it take to install solar on my home?
Once the PPA is signed, Brite works quickly to get the necessary permits from the city. We then schedule an install date within days of receiving them (permitting time varies from city to city). At Brite, we’ve done them in as quickly as three days from contract to install; however, it usually takes several weeks. The physical installation of your home solar panels is usually completed in one day.

How do solar panels work?
The solar panels on your roof absorb the sunlight, then convert this into useable AC energy. This is then fed into the grid and used by you at home.

What happens when it’s cloudy, rainy, or night time?
This is why we keep you connected to the grid! Your home system will probably overproduce power during the day, so this excess of power will be pumped into the grid and you’ll get credits for it, see the Brite glossary for Net Meter. So when no or little power is being generated, like at night or when it’s really cloudy, that power credit is then used to power your home. The rain only affects production when the light is hindered

What is a PPA?
PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement. When we both sign it, Brite Energy will agree to finance, install, monitor, and maintain a solar system on your home for a period of at least 20 years. Then you agree to purchase the power it produces.

Do I need batteries?
The systems Brite install plug right into the power grid so you can participate in net metering.

How much does a solar system cost?
The upfront costs depend on how you obtain your solar energy system. If you qualify for a Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), you can get a system for your home with as little as no money down and most of the time enjoy lower-than-market energy prices immediately. If you opt to purchase the system, the price varies based on a number of factors, but your savings per kilowatt hour will be even more.

What if the solar system produces more energy than I need?
We design the system to cover 80%-90% of your homes needs, based on your usage history and other factors. You can expect the system to overproduce during the day, especially in the summer months, causing an excess of power (that’s when your meter will actually spin backward and earn you credits in a net metering state). Then at night when no power is being generated, this credit is spent powering your home.

How old can my roof be to go solar?
It’s more a question of structure than age. Brite can send a certified solar surveyor to meet you. They will assess your home and suggest modifications to make it ‘solar ready’ (if needed).

Does Brite Energy provide financing?
Yes, we do. We finance solar PPAs for qualified homeowners (qualification is based on ownership of the home, solar worthiness of your home, and the homeowners’ creditworthiness).

Are these things going to be on the front of my house?
Maybe, but it really depends on the orientation of your home. The panels are positioned for energy optimization which means they will be on the part of the roof that gets the most sun. That said, when the design is done, we’ll give you rendering of your roof with planned solar panel placement.

What happens if you go out of business?
Brite Energy is powered by Protection 1. That brings with it a national footprint, a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, award-winning customer service and nearly 30 years of history. While nobody can entirely predict the future, we’re proud to say our track record is among the longest and highest rated in the industry.

I could install this myself and save a ton of money, so why do I need you?
There are people who do it all themselves. They pay for it, plan it, get the proper permits, install it, interconnect it with the grid along with a net meter in cooperation with their power company. If it breaks or under performs, they’re back on the roof. At Brite, we know several of these type of people. They work here!

If you know one that we missed, please have them call 1800GoBrite and apply for a job.

How does the PPA transfer if we sell our home?
You have a few options when you sell your home. One option is that the new homeowner takes over the PPA based on his/her creditworthiness. Or you can take it to your new home, based on your new home’s orientation.

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