Save Money

Want to learn how to lower electric bill payments? Think solar is too expensive to install in your home? Well, you might be surprised with Brite Energy, where most of the time you will generate your own clean energy at a lower rate than you pay now. We’ll install the system and take care of it. You just pay for the power the system produces. Simple.

Brite Energy is helping families just like yours power their homes and businesses while saving money and contributing to a cleaner planet. And the number of people installing solar is growing every day, so don’t think you’re alone here!

So let’s look at the ways you can save money with Brite Energy:

1) With a Brite Energy PPA, you could get a system with no money out of pocket.
2) Our rates are almost always less than your monthly electric bills.
3) Live with a lower electric bill. We lock-in low rates.
4) You get 20-year protection against unpredictable energy rates.

This means with solar power from Brite Energy there are no upfront costs, and then you simply make monthly payments like you would normally for your power. These are likely to be less than you pay now and if so, you’ll be immediately saving money! In fact, the amount you can actually save increases every year as utility rates go up.

Clean power, no money down, potential immediate monthly and long-term savings, plus a hedge against unpredictable energy rates. That’s Brite Energy.

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Get your free quote now!