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Advantages of Solar Energy

So what are the benefits of solar energy in your home? To begin with, you could often get immediate monthly savings with no money down. We’ll pay for all installation costs. The U.S. national average for energy rate increases has been 3.4% over the past ten years. Many energy providers in the areas Brite serves increase more than that every year. Brite is able to guarantee a low fixed rate that you won’t have to guess about. This could mean long term savings for you and your family. What’s more, solar panels installed on your home can sometimes even increase its value and its resale speed. Plus, creating all this clean energy means you’ll be saving something like 311 bbq propane cylinders worth of carbon dioxide emissions per year^ – way to go, you!

^ based on the average American home energy use of 10,837 KwH

How much could you save?

OK, before we can give you a figure we just need to know:

  1. Where you live
  2. The size of your house

And that’s it.

Once we know that, we can give you a pretty good idea of whether you will be able to save with solar. We often find the solar energy advantages tend to outweigh the costs. That’s money you can put towards a car payment.

Brite Energy

A Cleaner, Greener World

Years ago, hardly anyone recycled or thought about clean energy. No-one offered us a chance to enjoy renewable power in our homes… but the world is changing. We are closer to friendly technology and we want to breathe in cleaner air. Because today, thinking and caring about the environment isn’t what the few do, but what we can all do. We can all enjoy the healthier, cheaper advantages of solar energy. And you can start here.

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