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Installing solar panels for home energy is just about the best thing you can do for your home,
your wallet, the environment, and your family’s future.

All good stuff
All good stuff
All good stuff

Living a more sustainable lifestyle is good for your finances, your home – and the planet.

All good stuff
All good stuff
We install, you relax

We do it all – from initial survey to installation to monitoring to maintenance.

All good stuff
All good stuff
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The quicker we install the quicker you could start saving energy dollars.

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Home Solar Installation

Brite Energy makes it easy. From the initial survey to installation, from monitoring to ongoing maintenance, together with our construction partner HelioPower, our team will look after you every step of the way.

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Glossary of terms

As with other technologies, there are many terms and phrases out there describing what solar power is and how it works. To simplify and help you stay informed, we’ve created a handy list of terms and phrases together with an explanation of what each means. Simple.

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Get Your Questions Answered

We’ve collected the most frequent questions our customers ask us, together with some pretty amazing facts and figures. From how home solar works to how it can save you money even when it’s cloudy, it’s all there. Check them out and if you need to know any more, just call!

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Get Solar Now

Solar panels for your home can save you money – in some places, every month. Sometimes a solar energy system can even increase the value of your home (or occasionally up the selling process, too). And when you think that you’re reducing your environmental impact, it’s no longer a question of why, but why not?

  • brite

    "I didn't think I could switch to solar because the power company has a great program called MedBaseline that gives me a low rate for the first 685kWh because I have to power my CPAP breathing machine. Other solar companies wouldn’t even try to find a deal that worked. Jake, from Brite Energy, took some time with the numbers, learned the systems, and designed a solar system that will save us even more money, while keeping the MedBaseline Program."

  • brite

    "I went solar because I like air conditioning, especially this summer… We were afraid to buy it because if it breaks you have to spend everything you saved to fix it. But the value I got with Brite is that they own the system, so if something goes wrong, they fix it."

  • brite

    "I'm so excited. This is a no brainer. My neighbor works for the power company but he is going to go with Brite too."

    Claire, San Diego
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