Our People
Timothy J. Whall

Chief Executive Officer

Driven, Spartan alumni and fan, proud grandpa

Timothy J. Whall started in the security industry in high school while working for the family business, Whall Security, in Detroit, Michigan. Since then, Tim has held nearly every position from installer to call center operator, general manager, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Timothy’s decades of experience in leading some of the largest security companies in the world while ensuring the best customer experience is unparalleled.

‘I have worked hard to bring peace of mind to individuals and businesses and to make their lives better. Today, the pride I take is in how we provide that service to a new generation of consumers. At Brite Energy we’re all excited to see the positive impact we’re going to make in people’s lives.’

Jamie Haenggi

Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer

Passionate, farmer wannabe, mother

Jamie Rosand Haenggi has spent nearly 20 years in the security industry in a range of sales and marketing positions. She was the Chief Marketing Officer at Vonage prior to coming back to the industry and joining the Protection 1 team. During her tenure there, Jamie is proud to have represented the company in winning several SAMMY awards, Call Center Excellence Awards, Bulldog PR Awards, plus website and radio advertising awards.

‘I love the sunrise and the sunset. It’s always been something that makes me pause and give thanks. Brite Energy is bringing that sun closer to all our lives in such a tangible way – just one more thing to be thankful for! It’s really exciting to be part of company that is helping us do this – and save money, reduce dependency on other energy sources – and feel like we’re making a real difference to peoples’ lives and the environment! Very cool.’

Jared Chappell

Chief Revenue Officer

Visionary, coach, horse breeder and trainer, holistic farmer, father of five and friend to many!

Jared has played a significant role in establishing a strong workforce built on integrity and ambition. He has over 15 years of successful sales leadership that includes leading and recruiting over 5,000 sales representatives and generating over 500,000 residential security sales.

‘Our goal is to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations through the seamless delivery of quality services and the genuine, valuable savings our products provide. Brite Energy is committed to being the best and this promise lives in our commitment we show to every one of our customers.’

Jimmy Chuang

Chief Structured Finance Officer

Los Angeles Lakers fan, kung fu enthusiast, determined

Jimmy Chuang has more than 13 years of experience in the areas of structured finance, capital raising and mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career, Mr. Chuang has executed various transactions for an aggregate value of $50 billion. Over the past 8 years, he has held senior executive positions at three of the world’s largest solar companies, SolarCity, GCL and Fotowatio (acquired by SunEdison), and financed more than $5 billion / 1 GW, of residential, commercial and utility scale solar PV assets in the U.S. He received a B.S. degree in Business Administration from University of California at Berkeley, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, selected as a Bill Gates Scholar and honored as a University of California Regents’ Scholar.

‘I always want to build a different solar company that puts the customers at the center of our business and makes the world a better place by installing solar panels at every building and every home. There is no better place to do it than at Brite.’

Dan Bresingham

Chief Financial Officer

Exacting, hockey, weightlifting, racquetball, coach

Prior to working in the security industry, Dan worked at Arthur Andersen, PwC and Universal Access as MBA, CPA, and Certified Internal Auditor. He has ten years of experience in finance for the security industry as Controller, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Vice President. Dan was also recognized in the industry as Top Twenty Under Forty in 2009, and today his unique experience and talent is evidenced at Brite Energy.

‘Brite is going to bring exceptional customer experience to the solar market. We will dedicate ourselves to ensure that from sale, through installation, billing and continual care that everything we offer is the best it can possibly be.’

Stephen Hopkins

Chief Operations Officer

Competitive, golfer, father of five

Stephen has been a member of the Protection 1 executive team for the past four years as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Operations, working with product manufacturers and National Account Operations to drive Field Operations efficiency. Prior to joining Protection 1, Stephen was the Global Vice President of Operations for Stanley Black & Decker’s electronic Security Group, and before that he was the Vice President of Field Services for ADT North America. Stephen has extensive, proven experience running large companies in the high tech field – and now all that experience is here in Brite Energy.

‘Brite Energy is like no other alternative energy supplier in the market place. Following in our security division’s trail-blazing world-class customer service delivery model, we will continue the relentless customer focus to deliver the highest quality of products and services every single day. Whether it’s saving money or going green, Brite Energy is the company for you.’

Louis Pollman

Vice President of Structured Finance

Active endevers, organizer, optimist

Louis Pollman is Vice President of Structured Finance at Brite Energy, a fully integrated provider of residential and commercial solar power. He is responsible for originating and implementing debt and tax equity facilities for both residential and commercial solar projects. Mr. Pollman has accumulated several years of experience in renewable energy project finance and has raised construction debt, permanent debt and tax equity facilities for over 375MW (>$2.0 billion FMV) of residential, commercial and utility scale solar projects in the U.S. Previously, Mr. Pollman was Vice President and Head of Structured Finance for Verengo Solar. In addition, Mr. Pollman served as Director of Project Finance at GCL Solar Energy and held roles at UPC Solar and J.P. Morgan.

‘Brite Energy brings a new standard of customer experience to the solar market.’

Simi Gupta

Chief Accounting Officer

Personable, hiker, biker, kayaker, mother of two

Simi has over 23 years of finance and accounting experience. She is passionate about clean energy. Prior to joining Brite Energy, she was the Controller for Propel Fuels, a company providing alternatives to conventional energy with renewable fuels. She also held the position of Director of Accounting at Tesla Motors, a pioneer in electric automobiles, where she helped manage the company’s initial public offering (IPO) process. Her career spans from working for large corporations such as Texas Instruments and Infineon Technologies, to working for small start-ups and being a key player in building the finance team and participating in the rapid growth process of the company.

‘Brite Energy has built a team which is very passionate about clean energy and in bringing unparalleled customer service to the industry. Brite puts very heavy emphasis on making sure the customer experience at every stage is exceptional. We take great pride in delivering the highest quality products and in moving towards a more clean and green world.’

Michael Oberhofer

Director of Field Operations

European soccer fanatic, proud parent, nothing is impossible

I’ve spent the majority of my career in Operations Management specializing in three different verticals. My most recent position prior to joining the Brite team was spent as Director of Operations for an east coast solar firm with a seven state footprint. I thoroughly enjoy my career in solar having the unique opportunity to be involved in or directly oversee projects from start to finish.

‘Brite Energy continues to revolutionize the solar industry as a full service integrator. We accomplish this with unparalleled focus on the customer experience, extremely versatile and experienced leadership and a culture overloaded with positivity and a “can do” attitude. Our speed to market from initial contact to completed project is unmatched in our field and demonstrates our skill level in delivering this value to our clients. I consider myself lucky to be able to contribute to the Brite Team and am grateful to work alongside such amazing coworkers.’

Brendan Smith

Vice President Field Operations

Lively, Denver Broncos fan, soccer dad

For 12 years Brendan has built passionate teams around customer service. Prior to joining Brite Energy, Brendan was Vice President Field Operations at Protection 1 Security, leading 1,000 operations professionals nationwide to successful delivery of the P1 customer experience through installations and service. At Protection 1 he helped innovate commercial and national account delivery through industry first practices that set records for annual installations. At Brite, he ensures the successful execution of all field installations and services with an eye toward providing the quickest and most professional installs in the industry.

‘Brite Energy is targeting a wonderful customer experience through operations and culture. I love being surrounded by friends who are passionate about the solar industry and how it can really change people’s lives. Collaborating with this group in pure energy delivery is a once-in-a-lifetime honor.’

Mark Mabry

Vice President Brand Marketing

Positive, storyteller, loves box jumps and his family (not in that order)

Prior to joining Brite Energy, Mark was Creative Director at Mercury Radio Arts and TheBlaze.com. For a decade Mark also earned top private commissions as a commercial photography and produced a best selling book, too. He attended The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and also earned a degree in Russian Studies from ASU and Liberal Studies Masters from ASU. He is an author, photography, film-maker, and avid reader who loves seeing things in a different light.

‘We’re going to surprise people. Energy from the sun is pure and beautiful, and the feel-good aspect of solar often gets lost in the larger conversation about power generation and saving money. Yes, solar is cheaper. Yes, solar is much cleaner. But beyond those things it just feels right… my goal is to share that feeling with our customers and make energy production engaging.’

Richard Smith

Director of Engineering

Loyal, hiker, doting Father

Richard has a background of more than 18 years in the Engineering & Design Field with extensive experience in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering disciplines. He has been involved in Photovoltaics for over 8 years. Richard was the Engineering Department Manager at Optima Engineering, Charlotte NC, Lead Instructor for National Solar Trainers at the US Solar Academy and has owned his own Photovoltaic Design firm. Richard is a LEED accredited professional with extensive Engineering, Design & Instruction capabilities.

‘Brite will bring a practical approach to the renewable energy market, making alternative energy an easy decision for our customers. We will have a life long relationship with our customers and always do what’s best for them. Our beliefs in loyalty, quality and hard work are what separate us from our competition.’


David Peterson

Director of Permitting

Practical, rancher, beekeeper, sports fan, family man

Dave earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Brigham Young University. He is one of few in a young industry that have seen thousands of permits through completion in multiple municipalities where he knows decision makers by name. Dave understands that most of the customer experience happens when the customer isn’t even aware of what’s being done on their behalf. His goal is the fastest permit turnaround times in the industry.

‘Brite Energy is bringing a customer-centric model to the solar industry. With competence and care, we will make the whole process a pleasant one that also saves people money and does good for our environment. I am very excited to be a member of this dedicated and collaborative team and to bring my skills to share with this talented company. Our customers’ needs are our guiding light here at Brite.’

Colt Reid

Director of Sales Operations

Resourceful, sports enthusiast, loyal friend

Colt Reid has a track record of successfully building out sales and operational processes within new business environments. Prior to joining the Brite team, Colt was the Direct Sales Program Manager for SolarCity. He thrives on building teams and creating an environment that motivates others and drives success. He as a passion for Solar and is excited to help build the Brite Experience.

‘I love being right here, right now. Solar technology is revolutionizing how we generate energy on a daily basis and Brite is at the center of this movement. Our leadership team is inspiring, motivating, and is driving this company to new heights. Every day we work to innovate toward the best customer experience in the industry. Our goal is clean energy that saves you money. Our future is Brite.’


Ryan Tadje

Director of Sales

Understanding, rock climber, weekend family camper, silly dad, undeserving husband

‘Changing your power provider can be a complex decision, but together Brite Energy and Protection 1 are making it easier than ever. Offering the choice of solar is easier than ever here, because I know everyone here is as committed to our customers as I am. In short, we will provide everyone the best opportunity to go green, save money, be comfortable in their homes, and add an additional selling feature to their property.’

Nathan Chipping

Director of Electrical Services

Passionate, motorcycle enthusiast, goofball

Nate has been involved in the management of start up solar companies, overseeing electrical teams. Prior to coming to Brite he helped build Zagg Inc. He is amiable, persistent, and hard working, and an asset to the Brite Operations teams.

‘Brite Energy has a customer-centric focus that will help us to make the right choices every time. Their demands are what we’re here to answer, it’s as simple as that. This dedicated approach to service will build long-lasting relationships of trust, and distinguish Brite Energy from our competitors.’


Bryce Jolley

Design Manager

Bryce Jolley has not only worked at a few of the biggest solar companies, but prior to joining Brite, he was part of starting a solar company as well. As Design Manager at Brite, his 100% U.S. based design team is focused on custom fitted, people-based design solutions. Bryce’s teams are located in Dallas, Portland, and Salt Lake City. Each Brite design portfolio that Brite presents carries Bryce’s personal stamp of approval.

“Brite Energy isn’t where I ended up, it’s where I wanted to be. To me, Brite is a collection of people who are aligned in a single goal. A goal to innovate within the solar industry. We all want what’s best for our customers and are dedicated to giving them the simplest and most rewarding experience.”

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