Solar Financing

When it comes to solar financing, the bottom line is that with Brite Energy solar panels powering your home or business, you save money.

We’re 100% committed to driving down your energy costs wherever you are in the US. With us, you pay zero money down, reduce your reliance on the utility grid, and make the statement that you are committed to clean, environmentally friendly, renewable energy.

Brite Energy will build everything around you and your needs from the solar panels themselves to your financing needs. When we talk, we’ll discuss all this in greater detail.

Commercial Solar Financing

Brite Energy will work with you to secure the right cost saving solar power solution – with little to no upfront costs – so you can lower your energy costs straight away and get closer to meeting your sustainability targets.

Our team of experts will:

  • Explain the advantages of all your solar options.
  • Design a customized solar system to address your specific power consumption needs.
  • Discuss the best funding package for your business.
  • Find the most effective financing partner for your project.

For a credit-worthy customer, we can arrange for a solar panel financing option that requires little or no money upfront. Often the right financing option can also become cash flow positive, meaning that the energy savings and tax benefits would be worth more to the system owner than the payment cost. This essentially allows you to acquire your own ‘power plant’ with money that otherwise would’ve gone out to the utility company, or been paid in income taxes.

Solar Financing – Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

A Power Purchase Agreement is a long-term agreement where the business or organization agrees to purchase all the electricity generated by a solar system at a contracted rate. The PPA provider installs, maintains, and operates the solar system – the business only pays for the power generated and usually at a small discount from that charged by the current utility company. Brite Energy can also finance and build for both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

Business advantages of PPA:

  • Power Purchase Agreements require no upfront investment or maintenance costs.
  • Proposals vary based on the underlying economics, but typically the contract lasts for 15 to 20 years.
  • At the end of the contract, a new PPA can be negotiated or the system purchased.
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Get your free quote now!