Solar Power for Offices

Just as we install solar systems in homes – even in places that aren’t always warm and sunny – we do the same for offices. Whether it’s on your office rooftop or a solar covered parking structure, Brite Energy can get it done, often with no upfront money and give you savings fast, sometimes from day one.

Solar covered parking is big news. In most cases, very little stands between most parking lots and the sun, so power generation is maximized. These canopies have another benefit as they provide much-needed shade when it’s hot and stop snow from accumulating on everyone’s cars in the winter.

Brite Energy can often arrange financing that not only covers the solar array, but the covered parking structure itself for little or no money down.

So whatever line of work you’re in, get in touch with us today to talk about your energy requirements. Together, we’ll find out how solar power can help your office – and your community – benefit from pure solar energy.

Get your free quote now!
Get your free quote now!