Solar for Schools and Education

Here’s something to think about: 2.7 million students in the US attend schools with solar energy systems. To find out more about solar energy in schools, visit SEIA: Read more

The large, flat rooftops typically found on public and private K-12 school buildings throughout the country make many of these properties excellent candidates for rooftop solar. Also, school parking lots can be put to productive use with solar PV canopies, which provide the added benefit of shading parked vehicles on sunny days and shielding them from snow and ice in the winter. Tracts of vacant land on campuses have also been used to support modestly-sized solar PV farms, too.

When all this is added up, it’s clear that the untapped potential for solar energy in schools is immense. (Read more)

The potential cost savings created through solar power could help everyone, year after year. Because by reducing their energy bills, schools and colleges can re-focus their budget more on the wellbeing and success of their students. Do you think that solar could even generate a greater sense of curiosity and awareness amongst students? We do.

Of the 125,000 schools in the country, between 40,000 and 72,000 can “go solar” cost-effectively (IBID).

Is your school one of them? Ask a Brite Energy Advisor right now.

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