Who Can Benefit with Commercial Solar Panels?

Do commercial solar panels really make sense for business? Isn’t it just something for the dreamers and idealists out there?

Let’s look at this practically. With solar powering your business you’ll likely save money on your energy bills. That’s more capital for you. Capital you could use to hire employees, expand the company, or pay off debt. Not to mention the environmental impact of reducing air pollution, water usage in energy production, and the secondary impacts that mining or drilling for fossil fuels have on the environment and surrounding communities.

Brite Energy keeps commercial solar ‘in house’ with a world-class team who can arrange financing to suit your company’s needs from a Solar PPA to a lease to an upfront purchase. Our design, installer, and operations teams at Brite Energy can take your project from the initial site plan through design and permitting to installation, final inspection, and finally to utility interconnection.

Then we’ll proactively monitor your company’s solar energy system for efficiency to ensure we’re maximizing the benefits of solar energy, all while likely costing you LESS than you’re currently paying for your company’s energy (and this cost becomes predictable in future projections). Now that’s Brite.

And if you’re wondering about the federal and state benefits of going solar, a Brite Commercial Energy Advisor help you find the information you need.

Because commercial solar isn’t a dream. It’s happening now.

So get in touch with us today and let’s make it happen for you.

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Get your free quote now!