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Let’s connect you to saving money

Home solar can save you money on your electric bill. You get the same low, flat rate every day and we pay for installation. And sometimes, solar panels can even increase your home’s value.

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Keep cool. Stay warm. Worry-free.

With clean, renewable solar energy powering your home, you can enjoy ice-cold AC all summer long and still keep toasty in winter – worry-free. This is because there are no ‘tiered rates’ in solar so the price per kwH is at the same low rate regardless of usage. Now won’t that feel nice?

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Technology that works for everyone.

You thought solar was for other people? Too expensive or unreliable? Not any more. Not with us. Brite Energy has the strength, the technology, and the support to deliver cheaper, cleaner energy into your home.

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    "I didn't think I could switch to solar because the power company has a great program called MedBaseline that gives me a low rate for the first 685kWh because I have to power my CPAP breathing machine. Other solar companies wouldn’t even try to find a deal that worked. Jake, from Brite Energy, took some time with the numbers, learned the systems, and designed a solar system that will save us even more money, while keeping the MedBaseline Program."

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    "I went solar because I like air conditioning, especially this summer… We were afraid to buy it because if it breaks you have to spend everything you saved to fix it. But the value I got with Brite is that they own the system, so if something goes wrong, they fix it."

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    "I'm so excited. This is a no brainer. My neighbor works for the power company but he is going to go with Brite too."

    Claire, San Diego