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Solar Panels for your home for zero money down

With a solar PPA, Brite Energy can fit solar panels to your home and install them for no money out of pocket.  In fact, we make it simple for you to enjoy clean, renewable energy.

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The Brite process

We do our best to make sure you are happy with your home solar panels before, during and after we install them. So we work with you every step of the way. We come and see you, survey your property and then design the right system. We’ll install it, monitor it and service it all at no additional cost to you over what you pay for the solar electricity. And who wouldn’t be happy with that? Most Brite projects are engineered and coordinated out of (our partner) HelioPower’s San Diego solar office.

There are quite a few types of solar panels on the market. To help you understand what they are and what they do, we’ve listed some of them here:

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