Roof Mounted Solar Panels

The Brite Energy team loves roof mounted solar systems. We want to make it simple and easy for you to enjoy pure solar energy as fast and as beautifully as possible.

We do our best to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your home solar panels before, during, and after we install them. We listen to you, we survey your property, and then design the right system. We’ll install it, monitor it, and service it. All you do is buy the power it produces. Really, it’s that easy.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar power systems are solar modules held in place by racks or frames. These are then secured to ground-based mounting supports. We can do these for you.

These are the best solar panels when roof mounted panels can’t be installed for some reason, or the structure of the roof is in question, or if you need to generate more power for your domestic needs. For example, you may run a business from home or your home is simply larger than average.

Ground mounted systems usually cost some money up front and a Brite Energy Advisor is happy to help make it as economical as possible for you. Let us come and evaluate your home for a ground mounted solar panel installation.

Solar Tracker Systems

A Solar Panel Sun Tracker automatically moves your solar panels to follow the sun so they absorb more sunlight than if they were static. This way they generate the maximum energy for you.

Different states experience different levels – and angles – of sunlight. A sun tracker system is programmed to work best wherever you live. That way, your solar panels are always working as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Did you know?

Plants instinctively swing their heads towards the sun to maximize their exposure to the light for photosynthesis (this movement is called ‘Heliotropism’ and it’s our Word of the Year in the Brite Energy office).

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